Looking to the future.

Our aim is to help you achieve and secure your financial aspirations.

Why Use Us?

At Alan Taylor and Co we understand that choosing a financial adviser can be a thought-provoking process. We aim to make it less formidable by working with you, so that by the time you come to making a decision about investing your hard earned money, it has already been included as part of a plan that will take into account all your financial goals.

Above all, we aim to provide you with a very personal, straightforward offering and advice on policies and products from a wide range of providers.

Our Values

financial independence - in all its forms. Independence of thought, independence of the individual so that they are not manipulated or controlled by others. Also, striving to help others become financially independent, which in tomorrow's increasingly economically driven world will be the only real guarantee of creating and retaining an independent lifestyle.

wealth creation - creating and conserving wealth for our clients is one of our primary aims. This goes hand in hand with financial independence.

honesty - this extends not only to our clients and employees, but also in the transparent way we deal with others.

simplicity - we design and operate systems that are simple in their concept and delivery. Financial planning should be a good experience, which is easy to understand by the consumer, not a confusing and jargon-filled nightmare. This means using the right method to deliver financial planning, which we believe for the vast majority of people is via face to face impartial and qualified advice.

self reliance - self reliance we believe is about having the maturity and ability to face the true reality of our present and future situation. It's not anti-teamwork, but about each of us taking responsibility for our business and personal lives.

teamwork - an essential part of organisational life is the ability to build strong and highly motivated teams to tackle issues and run the business. We constantly seek to extend the parameters of our teams to include other stakeholders - our members, their clients, our professional connections, and product providers. Solutions brought about through this process have more breadth and more certainty of success because of this wider involvement.

winning - finally, we believe in winning in whatever arena we choose to participate in. Not just winning, but the way in which we play in order to win is perhaps more important to us. Winning, on behalf of our clients, means we win for ourselves.


The value of pensions and investments can fall as well as rise.  You may get back less than you invested.


If you would like to talk to us, please call us on 01256 862880 or e-mail us, using our contact form, with any questions you may have.

We look forward to securing your financial future.