Pensions and Annuities: image of retired couple

Over the years Alan Taylor & Co have become very experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of retirement planning and it is this knowledge and experience which enables us to give our clients the very best advice.

Obviously, in recent times, legislation has changed the structure and approach to pensions and the Pensions Simplification changes made in April 2006 certainly increased the need for clients to seek the very best advice. Additionally, increasingly more employers are closing their Defined Benefit Final Salary Schemes and this again demands that the correct decisions are made into the future.

It is often recognised that a financial adviser helps a client overcome the problems created by dying too soon or living too long. In the area of pensions and annuiities, at the time our clients are ready to take the benefits of their accumulated pension funds we would always carry out thorough research for them to help and identify the most appropriate options and annuity provider to ensure our clients secure the very best level of income for their retirement years.